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Construct a beneficial infrastructure for digital innovation           •Digital Economy               •Smart Government and Network Society 

•Intelligent Cities                •Foster interdisciplinary digital talents           •Researching and developing cutting-edge digital technology

In order to ignite the momentum of economic development and drive industries to upgrade and transform, Taiwan needs to enact more aggressive national ICT policies to respond to fast-changing and evolving technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, and ultra-wideband infrastructures in the era of the internet society.

Aligning with the national policy directory “Digital Nation, Smart Island,” the Taiwanese government has promoted the “Digital Nation & Innovative Economy Development Program (DIGI+) 2017-2025,” which is intended to enhance digital infrastructure, re-construct a service-based digital government, and realize a fair and active internet society with equal digital rights. In addition, innovative cross-boundary digital applications can be initialized with solid digital infrastructures, not only to further drive industry to adopt digital development, but also to promote the smart city concept and bridge the digital divide in rural areas.

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The abbreviation DIGI+ reflects all aspects of the policy work. D stands for development, referring to the development of solid digital infrastructure. I is for innovative, referring to innovative digital economics. G is for governance, referring to governing the smart nation. I  is for inclusion, referring to the inclusion of all citizens. And the + sigh can represent plus or upgrade, because after the DIGI program is enacted and promoted, all aspects of national digital development will have been enhanced.


DIGI+ is a 9-year program designed to promote broadband infrastructure and supporting measures such as friendly regulations, advance R&D, and cross-border digital talents  so that a sound ecosystem of digital innovation can been established. At the same time, it is also developing innovative applications of digital government, smart cities, and digital human rights to achieve the goal of establishing an active internet society, innovative economy, and affluent digital nation. 

In addition to the major tasks described above, it is also highlighted that other policy tools, such as Smart Industry, the digital infrastructures of the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program, and the AI Application Development Action Plan , will be included in the DIGI+ program and will be promoted together to reach synergy.

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