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Building Native AI Era:Outstanding Performance by Taiwan High School AI Training Program


To foster digital talents for AI industry, the Board of Science and Technology at Executive Yuan launched “High School AI Training Program”, which was executed by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and co-organized by the K-12 Education Administration at Ministry of Education. The program leveraged the resources from research institutes and industries. More than a thousand Taiwanese high school students joined the program. The graduation ceremony of High School AI Training Program took place on 21st August, 2019 at headquarter of Microsoft Taiwan to honor the outstanding students. Students also presented their AI projects at the ceremony which were developed using Taiwan Microsoft Raspberry Pi neural network automatic car, and Google AIY Voice Kit & Vision Kit that demonstrated the creativity of Taiwan students and their potential talent in AI fields.

The purpose of “High School AI Training Program” was to engage students’ interests and awareness in AI technology. A total of 1,052 students from 138 schools enrolled in the AI online courses. 60% of students are from the south and central part of Taiwan, and female students make up for 40% of the total participants. Female showed more interests in participating the ICT knowledge fields.

Minister Jong-Chin Shen from Ministry of Economic Affairs said that High School AI Training Program leveraged resources of Microsoft Taiwan and Google to develop learning programs for high school students. Through the one-day training camp, the program strengthene AI literacy among high school students equipped them with necessary skills. By developing talents in AI, the program anticipated to drive the digital transformation for Taiwanese industries.

Date: 2019-08-28
Source: Information Technology Industries Division,Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA(IDB)

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