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Taiwan ranked 3rd worldwide in 5G download speeds

Data Source:Focus Taiwan

People in Taiwan saw the world’s third fastest download speeds using 5G technologies, according to a report released Wednesday by the wireless-mapping company Opensignal.

Taiwan ranked third in 5G download speed – the average speed using an active 5G connection – at 272.2 megabits per second (Mbps), trailing South Korea, which had a speed of 354.4 Mbps, and the United Arab Emirates at 292.2 Mbps.

The country’s third-place ranking was an improvement over its 4th place finish in an Opensignal report released in October 2020.

In terms of 5G peak download speed, defined as the average speed experienced by the top 2 percent of users, Taiwan finished fifth at 654.4 Mbps, behind Saudi Arabia (862.6 Mbps), South Korea (764.6 Mbps), Switzerland (723.0 Mbps), and UAE (700.5 Mbps).

Opensignal also ranked countries in 5G vs. 4G download speed improvement, and Taiwan finished fourth, with a 5G download speed 7.7 times faster than the 4G download speed.

The only countries that showed bigger improvements were Thailand, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

The results were released in an Opensignal report on “Benchmarking the global 5G experience” dated Feb. 3. The survey examined real-world 5G experiences among users of mobile operators in 15 countries from Oct. 1-Dec. 29, 2020.

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