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“Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance” encourages AI advancement while protecting privacy rights

Data Source:Taiwan AI Labs

The Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance launched today was created to encourage AI advancement while protecting privacy rights. Taiwan’s achievements in the deployment of technology for epidemic prevention and in federated learning have attracted global attention. The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), an international organization established by OECD nations, has invited Taiwan AI Labs to its annual conference to address topics including responsible AI, pandemic response, data governance, and to discuss how OECD nations should go about data collection while complying with user privacy rights.

At the GPAI conference, Taiwanese representatives proposed “Taiwan Federated Learning” to protect privacy rights while accelerating the development of industrial applications of artificial intelligence, which became the future goal of GPAI. Today, the founding of the Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance connects industries to work on federated learning, driving innovations in medicine, transportation, manufacturing, art, finance, as well as cross-sector applications, talent education, and international cooperation. Industry, government, and academic sectors join hands to invest in research and development of federated learning technology, creating a conducive environment, establishing international and highly reliable data governance and services, and operating mechanisms and standards. The alliance may also put forth policy suggestions, in line with the Taiwanese government, promoting core strategic industrial growth.

President of the Taiwan AI Federated Alliance and Founder of Taiwan AI Labs Ethan Tu stated that the development of trusted AI in Taiwan that respects privacy rights has attracted attention in OECD countries. The invitation of Taiwan AI Labs to participate in GPAI has been met with warmth. With this spirit of collaboration applied to federated learning training, verification, deployment, the next step will be to achieve comprehensive AI applications and field certifications, creating a traceable, understandable, verifiable, and trustworthy AI module.

The Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance represents an opportunity for Taiwan’s industries to demonstrate their soft power internationally. The industries will collectively define a problem, gather information, conduct training of an AI model, and proceed with its production and commercialization, constructing an internationally trusted AI solution. The industries’ investments will foster talent, technology, capital, regulation, and result in quality federated learning services, shaping an environment conducive to further innovation.

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