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Premier: Accelerate release of 5G licenses, build smart nation


Premier Su Tseng-chang on Thursday instructed the National Communications Commission (NCC) to accelerate the release of 5G telecom licenses to help operators build the mobile broadband infrastructure that will transform Taiwan into a smart nation. With the U.S. and South Korea having rolled out 5G services in April this year, Taiwan is also expected to enter the era of 5G wireless technology in 2020.

Telecommunication services have become ubiquitous throughout the nation, particularly following recent programs to upgrade broadband networks in remote areas where the average coverage rate has reached 97 percent. In all 768 villages of 86 rural townships, every village and indigenous community now enjoys access to broadband service, thanks to the Digital Nation and Innovative Economic Development Program (DIGI+), the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, and the agencies that have pushed these initiatives for the past two years.

The NCC said that as 5G technology prepares to enter the commercial application stage in 2020 worldwide, it will also form the foundation for Taiwan's industrial innovation, economic prosperity and digital nation initiatives. In support of the Executive Yuan's Taiwan 5G action plan, the NCC will accelerate preparations to ensure a sufficient supply of 5G spectrum and adjust fundamental infrastructure laws and regulations. All of these efforts will enable operators to quickly build up a network of 5G applications and services (including the internet of things and connected automobile networks) for the public to experience and enjoy.

Date: 2019-08-15
Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

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