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Digital Nation-Talent Circulation Alliance White Paper Launch President Tsai: Make Taiwan into a Global Talent Hub

Data Source:Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Talent Circulation Alliance White Paper Launch at TICC, Taipei on June 12th.

To create the 2030 Taiwan Digital International Talent Development Blueprint, AIT, Legislative Yuan, and Ministry of Economic Affair hosted the Talent Circulation Alliance White Paper Launch together at TICC, Taipei on June 12th. President Tsai, AIT Director Christensen, and Legislative Yuan Speaker You witnessed the White Paper being passed to NDC Minister Kung. Through the White Paper and its suggestions, we hope to help fasten the digital transformation for Taiwanese industry from talent development and restate the close relationship between Taiwan and the United States.

This event has invited more than 20 key partners in the Talent Circulation Alliance from the industry, research institute, and association, including Microsoft Taiwan, Micron, Dell, AWS, CNFI, and so on. Talent circulation is highly valued in the industry.

President Tsai stated that the government will connect the international business and urge talent circulation through Talent Circulation Alliance. Taiwan aims to attract more international talent to come to Taiwan and to turn Taiwan into a global talent hub. Taiwan looks forward to have more diverse talent cultivation and collaboration between Taiwan and the United States.

This Talent Circulation Alliance White Paper has collected opinions on talent circulation and talent demand from private industry, government, academia, and research sectors. From the perspective of Start-up, Women Empowerment, Academic and Education Exchange, and Recruit International Talent, the White Paper has discussed the obstacles and possible solution and suggestions on executing talent exchange between Taiwan and other like-minded countries. It is hoped to decrease the talent gap in the industry and most importantly, develop Taiwan's international talent for expanding our influence on the world stage.

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